Our Grants Fund Projects That Help Grow the Ecosystem

If you’re building public goods and interested in additional support, apply for a grant. There are two types of grants: Open applications for contributors who have their own idea (accepted on a rolling basis), or Requests for Proposal (RFPs), which are ideas we’re actively looking to fund. There are application windows every quarter for new RFPs.





*Reflects Foundation only, not prior grants from UGP. Stats are updated every quarter.

Areas of Funding

Check Out RFP Opportunities

The Uniswap Foundation gathers input from ecosystem stakeholders on their biggest pain points, and then scopes solutions in the form of RFPs which we open source to the community. We are looking to fund talented individuals and teams to work on all of these RFPs.

Application Process

Submit a proposal

Whether you’re applying for your own idea or submitting a proposal for a RFP Opportunity, use the Apply Now button and submit your application.



Grants are reviewed weekly by the Grants Committee. During this time, you are assigned to a Grants Analyst and will hear from us within a week. The evaluation process takes 1-6 weeks. During this time, deliverables will be clearly defined and tied to a funding milestone.



Upon acceptance, a contract is sent and KYC is conducted. After this is completed, the initial milestone is funded and the grant is now in progress. You’ll join the UF Slack Group with over 100 previous grantees, where you can ask questions and share resources.


Application Tips and Considerations

Grant-funded projects must be open-source public goods.

Communicate clearly and succinctly about the solution you want to build.

Break down the solution into funding milestones that each have clear deliverables, with time estimates.

Personal / Business KYC is required in order to receive a grant payment.

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