Learn About The Governance Process

Looking to participate in Uniswap's governance process? Find information about the community governance process, where to debate proposals, and useful tools to use for governance below.

Participate in Governance

Governance tokens provide stakeholders with voting rights, allowing them to influence the direction of the protocol.

The Uniswap token enables community ownership and active stewardship of the Protocol. UNI holders govern the Protocol through an on-chain governance process.

The Governance Process

Request for Comment

The Request for Comment Phase is meant to allow the community to digest, comment, and ask questions about a proposal. Prior to moving to Phase 2, give the community at least 7 days to read and comment on the RFC. Please respond to questions in the comments, and take feedback into account in the next iteration of the proposal posted in Phase 2.

Temperature Check

The purpose of the Temperature Check is to signal community sentiment on a proposal prior to moving towards an on-chain vote. The poll duration should be set to 5 days, and a majority vote with a 10M UNI yes-vote threshold wins at the end.

Governance Proposal

The Governance Proposal is the final step of the governance process. The proposal should incorporate feedback from the Temperature Check and is accompanied by executable on-chain code (if necessary). In order to submit an on-chain Governance proposal, a delegate must have a minimum balance of 2.5M UNI delegated. The voting period lasts 7 days and a majority vote with a 40M UNI yes-vote threshold wins.