The Soul of Uniswap

The Uniswap Foundation is dedicated to building a self-sustaining community that contributes to the future growth of the Uniswap Protocol. We have strategically designed our grants program to create a long-lasting ecosystem made up of developers, researchers, and governance contributors. We strive to create shared ownership for our entire community and work with them to define the future of DeFi’s most important protocol.

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Built by Grantees

TWAP Oracle Simulator

Chaos Labs researched Uniswap's TWAP oracles' vulnerability to manipulation, resulting in a detailed report and an interactive dashboard to simulate different vulnerability scenarios. This effort aims to guide projects leveraging TWAP oracles by highlighting potential risks and offering preventive strategies.

Chaos Labs

Community Voices

"The UF's direct engagement and responsiveness have significantly accelerated our development process. Their willingness to listen and incorporate feedback empowers us to innovate on the protocol with confidence. This collaborative approach is a testament to their commitment to nurturing a vibrant developer ecosystem."


"[The UF’s] support elevated my work in DeFi, giving me the confidence to explore new solutions and opportunities. This initial support was crucial in helping me develop Panoptic, my new protocol inspired by the ideas from my grant, and will continue shaping my future work."


"TLDR’s Fellowship gave me the support and connection needed to become a contributing member of the DeFi research community. I was matched with professors and industry experts who helped me leverage my coding skills with outcomes that have tangibly furthered my career."

— Lily Johnson, TLDR Fellow

"Working with the UF has been an amazing experience. UF is very clear on the protocol's needs when drafting RFPs and seeking work done, but simultaneously open to feedback from external parties with different points of view."


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