Event Sponsorships

Interested in partnering with the Uniswap Foundation? We’d love to hear how we can join forces to drive awareness, understanding, and adoption of crypto technologies further into mainstream and digital-native audiences.


We proudly sponsor events that empower builders to create, innovate, and become long term members within the DeFi ecosystem. Hackathons, Bootcamps, and Conferences we typically partner with have:

Experienced teams
In your application, share about your previous experience running large scale programs. We're interested in teams that have a proven track record of successfully managing large-scale programs, as well as the ability to innovate and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. We also look for teams with a diverse and complementary range of skills and expertise, as well as a commitment to collaboration, professionalism, and excellence in all aspects of their work.
Developer-oriented audiences
When evaluating a hackathon's focus on developers, we're interested in learning more about the quality and depth of technical resources and support available to participants, as well as the relevance and practicality of the challenges and projects offered.

We look for hackathons that prioritize collaboration, learning, and experimentation, and that offer participants ample opportunities to connect with mentors, experts, and peers in the Crypto & DeFi space.
clear and compelling mission
When assessing the mission and vision of a hackathon, we're interested in understanding the specific goals, values, and outcomes that the event is designed to achieve.

We look for hackathons that have a clear and compelling purpose, and that prioritize the development of innovative, practical, and impactful solutions to real-world problems and challenges in the DeFi & Crypto ecosystem.
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